Success after I became a London escort

One of life’s fulfillment is to achieve your highest goal and aims in life. All of us dream to become successful, have a better home and comfortable living. But sometimes, life is so unfair, lucky for those people who are wealthy already and unfortunate to those living poor. To live poor is tough since we know how important money to us, and special now the goods are increasing. The number one problem of the world is poverty as time goes by the number of it keeps rising, you see many people in the street, a vendor, a beggar, etc. Most of them are uneducated since they do not have enough money to afford education. Every day of their lives they have to work hard under the sun, suffer from too much heat and tired and go home with a little money. You want to rest, but you can’t, you have many problems, and you find it hard to solve them since the main issue is money. You are drowning with debts, getting notice of different bills, rents, electricity, etc. You are tired all of it, and you want to scream and cry, but it has nothing to do, you will just lose energy. It is hard to live when you get no support even from one person, you got no help, and you have to catch all these problems in your life.

My name is Keem, life is hard, and it is usual for me. I have been in this situation many years ago and have encountered different difficulties. I have gone through many jobs day and night to sustain our needs. My life becomes tougher when my parents got an accident and both of them survive but paralyze. There are many medicines to maintain and therapies; my siblings look after them while I look for our food. Every day is getting hard for me, I have used all my energy, went home tired. I feel like I have been physically beaten 24/ 7. Sometimes, I thought to end my life to stop the pain. But when I look into our family, I pity them since my siblings are still small and my parents are ill. So I have no choice, and to strive hard for us. I have heard about London escort, and they were hiring a new woman. Perhaps got the chance since I have a nice body and people mostly call me pretty. So, I had audition myself there and got a call after a week. Lucky that I got the chance to become a London escort. And after many years of struggling, little by little I have uplift our family and have them a better life.

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