Hungerford escorts find me a reason to still believe in myself.

I cannot explain the feeling that I have with this woman. She swept me out of my feet. I know that it is a woman’s line but it’s true. When I was at a party dancing, I cross a charming lady named Janica. She was very entertaining to watch I could not help myself to stare at her the entire night. I told myself that I have to meet this lovely lady but was not successfully because she has a lot of friends with her and I am embarrass. I waited all night for my chance to introduce myself but I still failed. I was very sad about it because I really wanted to meet her. I asked some of my friends about her and that’s why I got her name. My friends teased me about her; they told me that I should forget about her because I have little to no chance of her liking me. I was very annoyed by them. I did not believe that I have no chance with this girl at all. When I got the opportunity to meet her again after the following months, I did not let the occasion get away. I gathered all my courage and tried to talk to her but she just ignored me. I think that she is sick of by getting hit on by other guys. But it did not deter me from my objective of making friends with her. I was relentless to prove to her that I am not just like the other guys the she meets all the time. I showed that to her by not giving up that easily when she turned me down hard. Finally, after many hours of trying to empress her, she finally gave me a chance to introduce myself. I made my opportunity to her that I want to be friends with her, but I was lying. All I had in mind was to date her if she accepts my request eventually. We hang out together after that. We often had a cup of coffee. We also go to the cinema whenever we have free time. I am starting to develop feelings for this woman and I think she feels the same way to me too. I am afraid if I do not make my move on her I will be stuck in the friend zone. At least that’s what my friend tells me, and I believed them, so I declared my love for her when we are having dinner one night, and she turned me down. I was so sad that I had to book a Hungerford escorts from Hungerford escorts was the best. Hungerford escorts finds me a new reason still believe in myself.

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