It is difficult to start any business and I don’t know why I decided to start a sex toy business

One of my sister, Sue, works as part of an incredibly beautiful London escort team, and I became fascinated by the entire erotic thing. The problem is that I did not anything about the adult entertainment industry at the time, but I did think I could make a fortune. Sue told me how much money she was earning from charlotte London escorts, and I thought it would be easy money, but it isn’t. Surely, if guys want to date hot Escorts in London, they would be interested in sex toys as well.

The problem is that sex toys is a very difficult market to break into. There are already a lot of suppliers, and many of them are manufacturers as well. I had to order and pay for my own toys to be manufactured, and that took a good chunk out of the budget. What I did not realize is that London escorts don’t really produce anything, they just put in the hours to get paid. My business was totally different from the London escorts service, I needed to put in the hours as well as manufacturer goods.

People are very fussy with their sex toys. They may only use one particular brand, and buy from a certain shop. To even get started you need to make a lot of investment. For instance you need a really extensive web site. London escorts have web sites as well, but they are just about them and cost less. My site was about 1000’s of products and I had to spend time promoting them as well. London escorts only need to put their names up to get hits, I had to get involved with expensive ad programs online.

My sister did try to invest some of the money she had earned at London escorts. Some products lines were selling really well, so we needed new stock. This is what I used my sister’s money for. She did not mind at all, but thought I had too many products. Most of her colleagues at London escorts thought so as well. They wanted me to sell off the stock which wasn’t selling, but I refused to do. In the end everything went belly up. I could not afford to buy any new stock and that was the end of the business.

Fortunately, I have been able to get another job and my sister still works for London escorts. If, I ever decide to go into business again, I will think twice. I am now less confident than I used to be but I might just bounce back. Putting your business into administration is not easy.

The receivers took all of the sex toys and sold them off to clear the debt. There are days when I wonder what has happened to all of the sex toys. Maybe they are being sold on markets up and down the country.

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