Loving a London escort for a lifetime now

One of the happiest in life is to be able to have a good family. When you went home, there is your wife preparing for foods and kids that is excited to see you. It’s so nice to hear when you hear the word “dad” and “honey”. I will never get tired hearing of those words anytime in my life. I really wanted to have a family, a good wife and many children’s. I want a happy home; these are the only people who will love me for a lifetime. Maybe I am just too emotional when it comes to family because I never had one before. It’s sad to go to school seeing your classmates being fetched by their parents. Those very school events I have to be absent and make alibies because I am embarrassed being the only one has no guardians. I feel so alone before, it makes me sad every time I think of it but now, I am happy that my wife completed my life. I am married with a London escort for eight years now, and every day of our living I am always thankful for her for the unconditional love and support. This London escort is my regular escort before, she knows me well because she is the only I shared my life with. London escort is the only one who understands me every time I remember my life before. London escort will always make a way to make me smile. She always cooks my favourite food which is pasta because that makes me happy and that is consistent every time I book her. London escort has a lot of surprised for me, she makes my birthdays, valentines, holidays extra special. I have no family, since my mom left me with my grandma she never came back. When I was fifteen years old my granny died. I really have to work hard to continue to school because it’s my dream to finish my studies. Many occasions of my life has never been celebrated, I am used to it. But When I met this London escort, things changed in my way.  She added colour to my world. London escort makes me feel that I am important and valued, that is why she always makes sure to be with me in every occasions of my life. Years then, I am not used without a London escort that is why I courted her because I knew I am in love with her already. London escort seems to be fit for me; in our relationship she is constant in everything. She loves me more than anyone else could that is why after two years I decided to get married. I marry a London escort and promised her to love for a lifetime. She and I have six children’s together and our home is the happiest place on earth. I am just so blessed that I marry a girl who is dedicated to us, who loved her family a lot. I am grateful to a London escort because she has given me the dream I really wanted to have.

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