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Glider is an exotic which is hard to perform properly unless you have a lot of flexibility although a man does not need to be flexible to do it. In order to perform this position, you can lie down on your left side and then raise your right leg towards the ceiling as you keep the left leg on the bed. London escorts tells that if you are very flexible, your right leg should point straight towards the ceiling.

For a girl, while in this position, the main aim should be staying steady and in position so that your leg does not cramp. In the event you feel like your legs are cramping, you need to inform your partner immediately so that you can stretch and get rid of it. You are going to find it easier to do this style if you bend both of your knees slightly. It is a good idea for you to warm up beforehand.

As your man will be performing this position, he has to be careful and not exert a lot of pressure on your leg. If he is well hung, he should not penetrate you too deeply. London escorts said that once you are able to get a good rhythm with your man, he can grab the base of your leg or right arm so that he will be able to pull you towards him and then penetrate you deeply. You man can also lean backward to change the position of entry. Besides leaning backwards and forwards, he can also move sideways until he finds a position that both of your enjoy the most.

If you are very flexible, then it is okay for your partner to penetrate you really deeply by pushing on your leg that is pointing towards the ceiling further away. This will be uncomfortable if you are not flexible. If it hurts, let your man know. You should also stretch before you have sex in this position. This is the best way to make the style a lot easier for you.

For those who are not flexible but still want to perform glider with your man, you can by letting him lean backwards so that you do not have to stretch your leg as much. Due to the fact that the man is going to have a lot of control in this position, it is vital that you ensure he is careful not to hurt you.

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