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Many people are preoccupied with the topic of penis size. It’s a source of discomfort and insecurity for many people. In almost all cases, those insecurities are unfounded. Many people seem to be under the impression that there is a single correct penis size and that all others are a deviation from that ideal says Heathrow Escorts.

It should be noted that the concept of an ‘average-sized’ adult man or woman is inherently flawed. All throughout the twentieth century, scientists and researchers tried to determine average measurements for men and women, and they found that the average person truly does not exist says Heathrow Escorts from Even in the narrowest sample sizes, no man or woman perfectly fit every single average measurement. Accurate metrics always present people with a range.

The average erect penis size measures five to seven inches in length. Some people would say that six inches was the average, but it is irrational to make one single number the average. A man who fit that measurement would deviate from lots of other metrics concerning the supposed average. Not to mention, it seems odd to consider a man with a 6.1-inch penis ‘above average’ and a man with a 5.9-inch penis ‘below average.’ Men who have penises that measure between five and seven inches should certainly regard themselves as average-sized in that way, since it is true.

Measuring less than five inches or more than seven inches is very rare. People should remember that it really is true that penis size is meaningless when it comes to sexual performance. Sexual performance is about communication, responding to one’s partner’s needs, stamina, energy, and desire. People who have all of these characteristics will be able to perform well regardless of the size of their genitals.

Anyone with a gigantic penis would actually have problems performing sexually, given the problems with blood flow that such an organ would cause. However, this is not a problem for people who are only slightly above the average range. People who are concerned about their size should remember that there are lots of ways to improve sexual performance, and that people of all sizes often struggle when it comes to performing sexually. Many people actually have fairly small orifices, and very large penises would cause more pain than pleasure. Even people with penises that are below-average in size can make accommodations. Certainly, anyone with an average-sized penis doesn’t have to worry about making any accommodations.

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