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I did not know that I had married a sex addict until we had been married for a couple of months. At first, ours was a very normal marriage and I did not have a clue what was to come. We met when I was still working for South London escorts, and I did actually leave my job at one of South London’s premier escort services to be with my husband. I know that I am not the only one of the sexy South London escort from to have fallen in love with a date, it is kind of a professional hazard if you like.

During the first year of our marriage, I was kind of finding my feet, and getting used to something other than South London escorts. It felt kind of strange to get up early in the morning, instead of getting up half way through the day to start my South London escorts shift. Eventually I found myself a little job, and it helped me to adjust to my new lifestyle a lot. At the same time, I did notice that something was going on within our marriage.

When I met my husband at South London escorts, he was the average sort of business date guy who fancied some glamorous company on business dates. I never thought that I would become romantically involved with one of my dates at South London escorts, so what happened did shock me a bit. But, nothing could have shocked me more than discovering that my husband was slowly becoming a sex addict, and could not think of anything else.

After my career with South London escorts, few things surprised me, but that could not be said about my husband. His change of behavior was so sudden that I had never come across anything like it. It was a bit like he had become totally addicted to sex, and before I knew it, we were going to sex parties in South London. How it all got started, I don’t really know, but I do remember one of the girls from South London escorts talking about sex parties with the two of us, and inviting us to a sex party. Yes, we both enjoyed, but for some reason, this sex party seemed to go to my husband’s head. It was a little bit like he became a 19-year-old lad again who had just discovered the pleasure of sex.

Ever since then, my husband has not been able to think of anything else, and his life seems to revolve around sex. I have not been able to keep up with him, and I am ashamed to say that we now have more of an open marriage. The thing is that I love my little job, and I do not have the energy for all of this. I do very much miss the girls at South London escorts, and feel that I am caught up in a very sexy marriage at the moment, but not such a loving one. To be honest, that was not really what I was after when I left South London escorts to get married to my husband.

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