For a long time, it fascinated me why women do settle for second best when it comes to men

but then I realized we are all getting involved in serious relationships in life later. Just like the girls at London escorts, many women enjoy a career before they actually even consider marriage. That means women often end up with what, or rather who, has been left on the shelves. Would I settle for second best? I am not sure that I would. Working for London escorts have made me rather fussy when it comes to men.


Would I rather be single than settle for second best? The answer to that is yes. I know lots of girls who have left London escorts and are living happily as singletons. It would not bother me at all. But then again, I think that many former London escorts are financially independent and even enjoy living on their own. They have spent so much time around men that they feel that they have “got the t-shirt”. I often feel like that myself at times. When I am off duty from London escorts, I would rather spend time on my own or with my girlfriends.


You do work rather long hours when you work for a London escorts service and I don’t think that helps. Once you have some time off you would rather do something completely different. I also rather suspect this happens when you leave You say to yourself that you want to take a break. Eventually the break gets longer and longer, and before you know you are what I called a register singleton. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think that being single is a bad thing.


At least it stops you from settling down with your second choice. I am not sure that settling down with your second choice is a good thing. The relationship is much more likely to fail, and you will end up on your own anyway. As a woman you need to ask yourself if you would like to be on your own in your 40’s with a couple of kids. I really think the answer to the question would be known for most women. You may even find yourself working harder to keep a roof over your head. That is not the kind of situation I would like to find myself in.


I want to be able to enjoy what I have built up at London escorts, and to be fair, I think most other ladies feel like that. We seem men going off to play golf, and enjoying their freedom. Relationships have changed so much in recent years, and it is important to realize that part of the reason is the economy. I have had to work very hard at London escorts to achieve what I have got now.


In general women do work harder than men, it is just that we seldom appreciate what we have got. Perhaps we should take stock of our lives before we settle for second best.


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