Soho girls are the original London escorts, and dating Soho escorts is a very special experience.

I have met a lot of hot Soho escorts over the years, and now I date Soho escorts from exclusively. Some of the oldest escorts agencies in London are based in Soho and some of them are family owned.

Another about dating Soho escorts is that you have quick access to all of the clubs in Soho. Most Soho escorts know all the best clubs, and are happy to join you on a night out. I have a lot of different pleasures, and I like going around different clubs in Soho. Here you will find anything you like, and one guy I know described it as a sexual oyster. That is perfectly true, what ever you fancy can be found in Soho.

You can even find really hot and kinky bondage dungeons here, and London’s best and most demanding mistresses have their dungeons in Soho. I am sometimes a really naughty boy and when I need punishment I come here. My favorite mistress, Elvira, likes to tell me off and she says that I need a good seeing to on a regular basis.

Elvira is a bondage goddess, and she always wear thigh high black boots. The rest of her is covered up in black PVC, and she can really give you a good talking to. She lives to tie me up, and spank me with her special paddle. On occasion she will put me in a cage, but then I must have been very naughty. I love her cage, and it really turns me on to think that she is in charge. She is always the giver and I am the receiver. In our play the roles never change, and there isn’t one fluffy hand cuff in sight.

Lap dancing

Lap dancing is one of my favorite pleasure and there are a couple of lap dancers around Soho that can make me come just dancing on my lap. Most of the time I need a blow job or penetration to come, but this girls are so hot. Of course, I know that I have been naughty so I have to go around to Elvira.

Lap dancing is big business in Soho, and I go to a couple of different lap dancing clubs every week. They stay open to early morning so you have plenty of time to get around all the different clubs.

Live Sex

Live sex shows are popular in Soho as well, and there are quite a few different performance couples around Soho. I don’t go around all of the Live Sex shows but there are a couple that is really good. One of them use a lot of sex toys, and I like that. My girlfriend is really into sex toys so I need a bit of inspiration from time to time.

You may think I am a weirdo but I hold down a proper job in the City. I am just really into sex and porn, and enjoy how it makes me feel.

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