All Night Long: The Art Of Sexual Duration

Two women kiss each other during the International Day Against Homophobia in a massive kissing protest at the bus terminal station in Mexico City on May 17, 2013, against the intimidation two homosexual women suffered from police in that station when they were kissing past May 13. AFP PHOTO/OMAR TORRES (Photo credit should read OMAR TORRES/AFP/Getty Images)

Getting to the point where you easily orgasm after your partner has is essential to great sex. A study titled ‘The New Naked’ found an astonishing 45% of all men in their study had their orgasm too early. And more astounding, they ejaculated two to four minutes quicker than the average women’s finishing time. So how do you naturally avoid premature ejaculation and make love longer?

1. Adult Circumcision

Studies have shown that men who have gone under the knife take longer to ejaculate than men who still have their foreskin intact. This is because circumcision significantly reduces penis sensitivity (especially in adult cases.

2. Avoid Sugar

Sugar rush is the worst enemy to sex. On a sugar high you will overwork yourself and induce ejaculation much faster than intended. It’s proven that men on a sugar high barely last five minutes compared to their counterparts. So when the big night arrives, stay away from foods and drinks containing sugar.

3. Meat Lovers Be Warned

Certain aspects of red meat have been found to influence hormonal imbalance, leading to premature ejaculation. Men who eat less red meat and on the whole take more vegetable are more virile, compared to the men who partake in a 250g cut of barbeque steak every so often. And in the United States in particular, most men eat far more meat than that on a weekly basis.

4. Tobacco, Coffee and Alcohol Aren’t Helping Either

Nicotine, caffeine and alcohol lead to the excess or limited release of sexual hormones, aiding to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. Especially the excess consumption of either just before sex has been proven to cut down on performance by almost half. Many men cannot even begin to sustain an erection when they have consumed too much alcohol. Making sure you consume limited amounts, or avoiding these substances altogether will increase your stamina significantly, and also lead to better health overall.

5. It’s All In Your Head

Sex is mostly mind over body. At times it might involve a simple case of psychology to help you in the saddle, and stay there till the ride is done. Don’t overthink it; with practice, proper dieting, the correct mind set and physical exercise, with time your stamina will improve and the all too impossible, all night long romping session may become a more regular part of your love life.

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