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Do we make too much out of stress? A lot of doctors like to tell us that stress is something new. I am afraid that I have to beg to differ there. Stress is not something knew at all, and it has been around for ages. It is just that we handle stress differently these days, and on top of that, we are exposed to many different types of stress. I come across stressed gents every day at St Johns Wood escorts. Some of them cope with it very well, others less so.


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Stress is a relatively new word, but it has been around for ages. Lots of people try to tell me that we have not suffered stress for more than the last 20 years but that is not true at all. The people that went through the Second World War suffered huge amount of stress, but they did not suffer so many harmful side effects. When I am not so busy at St Johns Wood escorts, I sit around and read about how people lived their lives in years past. It kind of makes for interesting reading, and I am sure that there have been many other factors which influenced stress.


Our diet can actually cause a lot of stress. Some of the food that we eat is very heavily populated and may even contain some toxins. Animals are fed on hormones to make them grow quicker, and of course, like I say to my dates at St Johns Wood escorts, they cause us stress because our bodies cannot function properly. Back during the Second World War, most people at vegetables that they had been grown in their own gardens and home reared animals. That mean that they were a lot healthier. So, what can you do to combat stress?


Combating stress is all about taking a look at the way you lead your life. I keep doing this to myself, and I always make sure that I adjust my life to what is going on in my life. If we all did that, we would perhaps be a little bit healthier. Some of the gents that I meet up with at St Johns Wood escorts, are not very good at dealing with stress at all. The vast majority of them are terrible at it, and they keep increasing their stress levels instead of lowering them.


One of the gents that I have been dating for a very long time, is currently going through a divorce. When he was younger, he used to smoke and he has not taken it up again. Like I keep saying to him, he has just managed to introduce more stress into his life. I am sure that some of my gents at St Johns Wood escorts can see what I am saying but not all of them. It is not easy to adopt new lifestyle habits and can take you a very long time. However, little by little it can be done and you need to make sure that you adopt habits that you can stick to. Otherwise, you are just going to become stressed again.

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