How I Ended Up Working for A London Escort Agency

I am not sure that there are any girls out there who deliberately set out to work for London escorts. Instead, I think there are a lot of girls who “drift” into escorting. There are an endless number of reasons why girls in London end up working for cheap escorts agencies. When I arrived in London, I was convinced that I was going to make it big as model. Little did I know that the modelling industry was super competitive. Most girls who try to make it big as models eventually end up giving up as they really can’t make ends meet. That is exactly what happened to me.

But, there are other reasons why girls end up working for London escorts. My best Polish friend Lolita ended up working for London escorts when she realised she could not make it in London as a waitress. Many waitress jobs relate to zero hours c contracts and you never know when you are going to have enough work. It is really a big problem for most zero hours contract workers. You will find that many of them have second jobs. Lolita does not only work for London escorts, but she also works in a restaurant to make sure she is never without work again.

Diamond is another girl who works for our London escorts agency. When she first arrived in London, she tried to make it as a topless dancer. That is okay, and when you compare a topless dancer’s earnings to London escorts, there is not much of a difference. But, it seems that London has a bit of hang up when it comes to topless bars. During the past five years many of them have lost their licenses and been forced to close down. It is silly. Every time a club closes down girls lose their jobs.

I also have another friend who used to work as a call girl before she joined London escorts. She used to date a lot of rich men, but then the agency she worked for was closed down. Apparently it is okay to work as a London escort but it is not okay to work as a call girl. I think that is a little bit wrong. Call girls often do the same job as London escorts, and I really can’t understand the difference between London escorts and call girls in London.

When you work for a London escorts agency, you really start to appreciate that there are many interesting female fates in London. It is a good thing that London has so many different escort agencies. I think that London escorts agencies have become safety nets for many girls who have ended up in London and not been able to find good jobs. It is tough to make a living these days but thanks to the London escorts service, many girls like me and my friends have done well for themselves. I hope no one is going to interfere with the London escort industry.

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